"Do not call on the people to desecrate and destroy their gods.  Rather, respectfully place them in the hall of the Almighty as diversified images of the one and same God, created by nations with different understandings and perceptions. -- Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Confucius, and the gods of other nations will stand in the temple of God next to each other and will remind humankind of its spiritual essence and the various depictions of God in the hearts of different nations".

"The new faith [New Religion] is coming not to destroy the old gods, but to unify them in a single, true God who will rule all the nations – with justice, love and omniscience..."    (Santorino, chief spirit of God, 5/29/44)

1. God will not perform miracles or save the world from the clutches of evil. The Almighty has given mankind free will: the choice between doing good and evil.

2. Prayer to God in words alone proves meaningless. Only actions and good deeds matter. Actions and good deeds are the true prayers producing results.

3. Humanity has deviated from the teachings of Christ so greatly that little remain of them. Heinous crimes have been committed in the name of religion. Hence the need for THE ALMIGHTY'S RELIGION: unifying all mankind and shedding new light on universal faith.

4. Children are the future of humanity. Parents' main focus shall be raising children properly, tirelessly, and persistently from a child's first day of his life until adulthood. In addition to comprehensive education, the most important subject to be taught in schools is establishing a successful family life and properly raising children.

5. God and The Almighty do not reward, punish, or destroy. Mankind alone shall resolve to overcome the needs of matter (accumulation of material and physical wealth) and recognize spiritual reward, responsibility, and accountability.

6. Paradise and Hell are here and now, they exist only as mankind has created them on Earth and in the minds of mankind. They have no place in The Almighty's created world. Hell is eternal non-existence (loss of spiritual individuality) for all spirits that do not comply with the will and law of God. Heaven is eternal spiritual existence in the entire universe.

7. Man consist of both spirit and matter. Components of matter, such as the brain, help the spirit reach a higher level of divinity and spiritual individuality helping to overcome the needs of flesh (matter) and material gain.

8. Every living human being possesses an immortal spirit. Every human being must come to understand that in actuality there is truly no such thing as death.

9. God's and Satan's spirit were created from the spirit of The Almighty. God cannot rule over Satan nor can Satan rule over God. God and Satan have their own particular duties and functions. The function of Satan and His spirits are to: bolster living things; form the strength of the body and the spirit; mold the inferior; test the weak; give human beings an understanding of logic and law. The function of God and His spirit are to: protect living beings from perishing; bring the idea of love and mercy to human beings; overcome doubt and inspire faith in goodness and in eternity. 

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