During the dark days of WWII as German and Russian forces battled for control in the small Baltic country of Latvia, a group of people got together in November 1943 to seek guidance from Above.

The responses that started coming through were beyond anyone's imagination. They came from beings who identified themselves as spirits of the Almighty, and revealed spiritual truths that were to be transmitted to humankind that supplemented teachings of prophets of the past from various religions, including Buddha, Confucius, Moses, Christ, Mohammed, and Zoroaster. There were new answers about God, creation, humankind's purpose, the
interaction of spirit and matter, and directions for growth.

As the borders tightened during WWII, several key members of the group chose to flee the country and the incoming repressive regime. At different times they made their way to Germany, the American Zone, and then on to New York. The original group had dwindled down to four: John and Mary Mezins, Alexander Homics, and Alexander Upenieks. This group continued to receive messages as they moved from one country to another and each time they reconvened (the last of the messages came through in 1971).

Alexander Homics started publishing the first translations of the material. His first book was "Messages to Mankind From the Almighty and His Spirits" (1976, Vantage Press, out of print), and his second book was "Messages To Mankind Part II" (1977, Valkyrie Press, out of print). [These two volumes are currently being revised to be put out in a commemorative edition by his daughter, Maya Homics].

After Alexander Homics returned to the Almighty,Nick Mezins, son of John and Mary Mezins and who participated in many of the channeling sessions, continued the translation work. His first book,"Revelations: extracts from The Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits to Humanity" is available in a revised edition put out in 2000 by Trafford Publishers. It contains excerpts from all the years that the messages came through. Nick Mezins' second book, "The Tidings, Volume One, November 1943 to January 1945 " is the start of a more complete series of all the messages/tidings. This book is also available from Trafford Publishers.

In the meantime, in 1978 Sidney Smith came across Alexander Homics' first book by one of those meaningful coincidences, and found that it resonated with what he had been experiencing himself. He was first led to Alexander Homics' daughter, Maya Homics, who put him in touch with Nick Mezins.

Along the way, Sidney Smith continued his studies and writing, which culminated in his own book,"Search for the Promised Land/How to Bring Religion and Science into Harmony" (CeShore, 1999). This has been issued in a new addition "Supplementology: Combining Religion with Science".

The Almighty's Religion recognizes and acknowledges all other religions, it does not require an individual to join it. It does not threaten or condemn the "nonbelievers." It permits, and insists, on each individual to choose freely for himself or herself. It does not desire to erect churches, nor accumulate financial donations. What follows now is Sidney Smith's story in his own words.

A New Herald

In 1978, Sidney Smith (now Reverend Sidney Smith) thought everything was going fine until his partner was brutally raped and murdered. Seeking meaning, and finding nothing, he began a downward spiral. A combination of drugs and alcohol nearly ended his life.

There was no epiphany, but he knew he needed to live. Sidney Smith became an ordained minister and began his quest for the answers he couldn’t find in the religions at hand. By accident, the teachings of the Message Bearers arrived in a dusty box of books donated to his organization.

Still seeking better answers, Reverend Smith read the "Messages" and at first perceived them as fiction…they were unlike anything else he had ever studied. Upon rereading and reevaluating the "Messages", he found the answers he sought. They became real and essential to him thereby leading him on the quest to reveal these new religious revelations to humanity.

For the next 13 years, he studied the "Messages" revealed in "Messages to Mankind from The Almighty and His Spirits". Later he sought out Mr. Homics and learned that he passed in 1982. He eventually contacted Mr. Homics's daughter and was able to get a copy of Nick Mezins' book "Revelations" and the other edition of Mr. Homics book.

After studying all three books he wrote a study of the teachings in the form of "Search for the Promised Land."

Reading Materials

Nine Norms

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