By Mortifero, The Almighty’s Chief Spirit, 12/03/1944

            Our, the spirits', intent is to show humankind, through these Tidings, the right road toward achieving an ideal and happy life; to take humankind from the path of delusion, on which it currently wanders, to this single right road; to explain to humankind its most significant errors; to reveal to man who he is, what the goal of his life is, who his Creator is, The Creator's goal in creating the universe, and what The Creator asks of man; to explain to man that which man himself – not even with the help of his brilliant mind – will by no means and never, be able to find out, understand, and discover; to explain who God and the spirits are, and the essence, course, and tasks of man's spirit, both within the human body and outside it; to explain to man the concept of good and evil; and to tell the truth about The Almighty's envoys and religions on Earth.

            That is the object of these Tidings, for whose delivery the most eminent and most diverse spirits have been summoned.

            The task of the spirits, in these Tidings, is not to lead humankind over this road and to explore it. The Tidings are simply the road guide. To explore this road, to describe it, and to improve it for traffic – that is the task of humankind itself, the task of humankind’s leaders. The task of the spirits also does not include reviewing humankind’s history accurately, and relating events which are unknown to humankind. The spirits are interested only in humankind’s present and its future, but not its past.

            What decisive benefits would it give humankind, if we were to tell you that Atlantis did or did not exist, that John the Terrible was a great ruler, and that Charles the Great was not? Or else, how the Maya people lived? All that is interesting, but humankind’s own scientists can research these questions, if they wish to.

            The same thing goes for science. The task of the spirits does not include telling humanity what is correct, and what is not, in its theories and accomplishments. It is not our task to tell man that his theory of atoms is not complete, that much is entirely different from what the scientists teach today. We do not want to deprive them of the pleasure to continue their work in the future as well. We do not want to deprive humankind of the joy to explore its world on its own, and to form it and to continue building it on its own.

            Obviously, we could give humanity a new and accurate history, we could give new and accurate books of science. But, first of all, how much time would this grand task require? All biographies would have to be rewritten; as well as all books of faith. In other words – everything. With that, all previous work of humanity would become trivial. It would become worthless and insignificant; so would become all historians, explorers, and scientists. That would undermine all of humankind’s past, without giving anything particularly positive in its place.

            The spirits speak, and will speak, only about what can be useful for the future, what is necessary for achieving humankind’s enlightened future. That is why we do not satisfy so many of your wishes, and do not reply to so many of your important questions.

            For the benefit of current humankind’s comprehension, we use its concepts, even though they are erroneous at times. We permit only superficial glances into humankind’s life in he future. We do not want to, and may not, complicate our high and important task with unnecessary predictions of the future, nor disclosures of human fates.

By Ilgya, The Almighty’s high spirit, 02/14/45

           Ilgya. The series of the spirits' tidings constitute a record such as humankind’s literary history has not yet known. Not everything in it is of equal value, and neither is everything in it of eternal significance. Much is of a passing and local significance, but that which is of a universal significance is grand, all encompassing, and exhaustive in its dimensions.

           Since The Almighty's teachings tell that the spirit's assignment is to [incarnate into the matter of the human body] and then return back to Heaven again, or else pass into nonexistence, a man's life has decisive importance for the spirit. The spirit's task is to uplift matter; to transform matter by turning it from an enemy of the spirit into a friend, and to raise it to his [the spirit’s] level. Humankind’s task is not to bring the spirit down to the level of matter, but rather to elevate matter to the level of the spirit, and to open the gates of eternity for both. This road, which leads to unimaginable heights, cannot always be steep and ascending. At times, the road goes around the mountain sloping up gently, and sometimes even descending into valleys – even into deep valleys, as is the case today. That does not mean, however, that the road is leading downward. No, tomorrow it will again begin ascending sharply, toward the summit that raises the rocky, white head of Earth into the blue sky of the stars.

           Different spirits have endeavored in the book of the spirits to introduce man to not just the universe, its Creator, The Creator's laws and goals, and to the life of the spirits and the structure of religion, but also to man himself, his essence and his life. They also have endeavored to describe this life in its full scope and as diversely as possible, and in a form which is interesting and understandable to everyone.

           These Tidings speak in man's language in people's words, and operate with concepts that are understandable to man. Not only do they strive to teach man, but also to stimulate him to think and to comprehend the beauty of the world and of concepts. Therefore, purely literary and artistic value has been included in many of these tidings.

           That is what The Book of Tidings of The Almighty's Spirits is like. Not everyone will believe it, but it will speak unto every living and thinking individual with words that will touch everyone except for the dead and those who are blind in spirit.

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